How We Came To Be


Speech pathologists far and wide are known for their neat handwriting, their great sense of style and their collection of flashcards.


But, often times, as SLPs working with adults in a healthcare setting, our options for therapy materials are limited to outdated images of things like transistor radios or age inappropriate photos of teddy bears and skateboards.


Our adult patients deserve something better than this when they come to therapy. We’re professionals dealing with grown-ups, and we need to provide treatment that represents just that.


Convinced that there was a better way, Spontaneous Speech Therapy Tools was developed, and a line of flashcards called Pictures for Progress was created.

In 2016, Spontaneous Speech was recognized as an up and coming business  and was accepted into the Incubation Program at the Coast Bend Business Innovation Center.   With guidance from business experts, Spontaneous Speech broadened their reach and began to distinguish their 3 business lines:  Spontaneous Speech Therapy, Spontaneous Speech Coach and Spontaneous Speech Tools.


We are now able to provide a wide range of services to a great variety of people and can use technology to do it in a way that is both economical and convenient.

The Brains of the Operation


Melissa Lopez is the President and Owner of Spontaneous Speech. She is a Texas licensed and American Speech-Language Hearing Association Certified Speech-Language Pathologist. She has been in practice as an SLP since 1994.


A life-long learner, Melissa has received a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Disorders from Louisiana State University, a Master of Science in Bilingual Speech-Language Pathology from Texas Christian University and a Master of Business Administration- Healthcare emphasis from Houston Baptist University.


As a Certified Accent Reduction Instructor, Melissa has been using the Compton P-ESL Accent Modification Method in her practice since 1998

Our Mission


It is the mission of Spontaneous Speech to:


Provide evidence based treatment for speech, swallow

   and cognitive impairments in people of all ages

Deliver personalized coaching services that enable

   individuals to achieve their greatest personal and

   professional levels of performance

Create high quality, user friendly tools that promote

   communication, organization, growth and development

Support people of all ages as they seek to overcome challenges


Our products are moderately priced and readily available for use in a variety of contexts by a variety of people.


We work in a healthy, fun environment that allows flexibility, promotes creativity and embraces an easy breezy attitude.


The aim of Spontaneous Speech is to become an internationally recognized and respected brand name. Our goal is to experience moderate growth, to achieve annual profitability and to maintain a great sense of humor.

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