Pictures for Progress


Pictures for Progress provides high-quality, user friendly flashcards,

each featuring colorful photos on the front and 5 questions for

conversation on the back. Combined, the pictures and questions

enable you to target the following cognitive linguistic domains,

including but not limited to:








Comparing and contrasting

Decision making

Giving opinions

Problem solving


This valuable tool can be used by therapists, social workers, educators, parents, caregivers, and medical or clinical personnel.


Cards are sturdy and laminated for durability. Measuring 5 ½ inches by 8 ½ inches, the images are large and the questions are easy to read, even from arm’s length. The flip-top box has a magnetic closure to keep the cards secure. A user guide offers numerous suggestions for use.


Versatile and applicable for enhancing every language modality, these cards are a must have for your therapy tool box.  Familiar and easily recognizable, family and friends will find that Pictures for Progress provide an easy breezy way to expand communication opportunities.


Illness and Medications


This deck contains 15 cards depicting everyday illnesses and

35 cards pertaining to medications, including:


Common forms of medication

Routes of administration

Methods for organization

Various topics for discussion


Knowing that we all get sick from time to time, and understanding

approximately 70% of adults take a least one prescription medication

each day, these cards will prompt exchanges that are highly pertinent

to day-to-day life. Use the cards to increase awareness, to promote

safety and to effectively enhance expression.


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Illness and Medications

Spanish Booklet


¿Se Habla Español?


Knowing firsthand how nearly impossible it is to find

prepared materials for Spanish speaking clients, we have

translated our popular Illness and Medications cards into

Spanish. This booklet, to go along the Illness and Medications

cards is now available.


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Our next series are available in digital format!


Medical and Adaptive Equipment


The Medical and Adaptive Equipment series highlights various types

of Durable Medical Equipment (DME) and adaptive equipment that

are commonly found in a home or healthcare facility. Cards feature

images of the most commonly used devices:


Supplemental oxygen and breathing equipment

Ambulation and mobility devices

Personal use items

Medical devices

Bathroom equipment


Use the digital cards to provide education, to emphasize safety and to

discuss options and possibilities for adaptations due to age or disability.





Healthcare Professionals


A third series of cards, Healthcare Professionals, features 35 different

healthcare providers, including:


Medical doctors

Medical professionals

Allied health professionals


Additional cards and questions are provided for stimulating discussion



Scheduling appointments

Office visits and exams

Diagnosis and treatment


With Americans making an average of 1 billion visits to their

primary care physicians annually, 82% of adults will have contact

with a healthcare professional this year.


Using these digital cards, increase understanding and guide practice  to enable efficient exchanges in a variety of medical scenarios.



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