Traditional Treatment Programs


Spontaneous Speech Therapy provides evidence based therapeutic intervention for kids, teens and adults. Traditional treatment sessions target delays, difficulties and disorders of communication, cognition and swallowing.


Areas of concern may include:

Speech production and speech clarity

Language and verbal expression

Auditory comprehension

Cognition and memory

Voice production

Social communication and pragmatics

Reading and Writing




Specialty Programs


Spontaneous Speech Therapy offers specialized treatment programs that target:

Development of speech and language skills

Advancement of diet and oral intake

Correction of oral postures and oral habits

Improvement of social communication skills

Rehabilitation for neurological impairment


Intervention is provided during individual sessions, small group meetings or workshops. To accommodate busy schedules, or clients living in remote areas, most sessions can be delivered via Skype.


Whether you want to give your child a boost, increase the swallow safety of a loved one, or improve your communication skills, Spontaneous Speech Therapy has a solution!


Schedule an appointment today for evaluation and let Spontaneous Speech Therapy create a treatment plan that is fun, functional and designed specifically for you.

We offer focused training for adults, teens and kids who are seeking to improve communication skills needed for

success at home, school and work. Professional mentoring is available for speech language pathologists.


Specialty programs are available and have been uniquely designed to help you:


Speak like you mean business:

Accent Modification

Voice Development

Speech Improvement


Communicate up the corporate ladder:

Corporate Communication

Cross Cultural Communication


Make an outstanding first impression:

Body Language

Job Seeking and Interviewing

Resume Writing

Trial Preparation and Witness Preparation


Prepare for success:

Academic Skills

Money Matters

Confidence Building


Sessions can be delivered in our office, at your office or via Skype. One-to- one and group training options are available. Seminars and workshops can be created to meet your specific goals,


Contact us today to begin working with a coach!





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